Roofing Sheet

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Roofing Sheet

Used for roofing  are fixed to the steel support or purlins with zinc coated and galvanized hex head self-drilling to fasten with integrated metallic washer and EPDM neoprene water assembly. The fasteners are fixed mechanically with electric tools through the crests and through. Light in weight making installation easier depending upon the durability and strength. Hence used in both the new building construction and for the renovation of old roods. Made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, materials like plastisol silicone polyester are used for coloring elements which are cut to a required 1100 mm. 

The color coated tile roofing sheets are being used for the already existing roofs. They are considered to be one of the effective methods to improvise the outlook of your home. The roofing sheets conferred by us are recyclable in nature and are friendly to the environment as well, Roofing Sheets 

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